About Us

Where Did We Start?

Fatcetera, formally known as Fat Hair Care, started almost by accident. The Covid Quarantine had left me (Kat) with an incredible restlessness and a feeling of a lack of control as it did to the entire world. Therefore, I called my hairdresser cousin and asked if she wanted to dye my hair pink!

In the first 31 years of my life, I had never bleached or dyed my hair. I needed minimal knowledge of hair care. Within a few months, my soft natural hair had become dry and brittle, and I needed help. My cousin suggested a hydrating mask and switched to oversized satin scrunchies. The satin is soft and slippery and will become less likely to knot around the elastic. 

I looked everywhere and could not find one that fit my weird and random aesthetic, so I took all my homosexual audacity and decided to make my own. My first scrunchy was Ruth Bader Ginsberg fabric and was hand sewn. I got a single stitch machine in November 2021 that cost $20 and made a small collection for myself. As Covid lifted and I started venturing out to my local establishments, I received many compliments, and when I revealed I had made them by hand, I was asked if I could make more for them. 

As more people wanted more styles, I started to scale my production, upgraded my machine, and bought more styles in bulk. It wasn’t until the scrunchies blew up during Newport Pride did I decide to really become serious about scrunchies, and luckily, I had help. My best friend Mari was my best customer and, at the time, had 23 different scrunchies made from me. (I think it is much closer to 40 now). She decided to jump on the team and help with the more technical side of the business.

Who Are We Now?

At Fatcetera, we aim to make a bold statement that matches the size of our founder, which is owned by members of the LGBTQ and Fat community. As a proud member of the Fat Babes of RI Facebook group, I enjoy bringing together individuals who joyfully identify as FAT and creating a safe and enjoyable environment for them to have fun. Our newest team member, Brittany, is a marketing genius and the co-founder of this amazing group.

In the group, we go past body positivity and focus on fighting fatphobia: Fatphobia refers to the negative attitudes and discrimination that individuals who are perceived as “overweight” face in society. Fatphobia can manifest in many ways, including but not limited to:

  1. Stereotyping: People who are overweight or obese are often stereotyped as being lazy, unmotivated, or lacking willpower.

  2. Discrimination: Fatphobia can lead to discrimination in various areas of life, including employment, healthcare, education, and social situations.

  3. Body shaming: Fatphobia can lead to body shaming, where people are criticized or ridiculed for their body size, shape, or appearance.

  4. Diet culture: Fatphobia is closely linked to diet culture, which promotes the idea that thinness is the ideal body size and that individuals should strive to lose weight at all costs. This can lead to disordered eating, poor body image, and other negative health outcomes.

  5. Lack of representation: Fatphobia can lead to a lack of representation of overweight or obese individuals in media, advertising, and other forms of popular culture. This can reinforce negative stereotypes and further marginalize these individuals.

It's important to recognize that fatphobia can have serious consequences for individuals who experience it, including negative impacts on mental and physical health. Addressing fatphobia requires a collective effort to challenge stereotypes, promote body positivity, and create more inclusive and accepting environments for all body types.