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Why giant scrunchies?

  • They are better for your hair: The Satin makes for less snagging and tangles, which will cause breakage. See our benefits of Satin page. 
  • You will never lose them: Each Scrunchy is about 8 inches across. You will not lose them. 
  • They are unique and stylish: the collections are forever changing and are limited, so no one else will have the same one.

Do you take requests?

Yes: we will try to get your suggestions in, but they may not be in the next restock.

Can I request anything?

  • No: We are an all-inclusive brand. Therefore, we reserve the right to refuse any racist, homophobic, transphobic, or ableist designs. This includes custom business orders. No exceptions. 
  • We do, however, do naughty designs.

Do you do custom orders?

  • We can add any design to a scrunchy, but all custom orders:
  • You must order in counts of 8 as we cannot sell any extras. 
  • Require your own design. 
  • It will take up to a month to fulfill.

Can you turn my custom scrunchies into a three-pack?

Yes, but you will need the idea ahead of time.

How long until I receive my order?

  • It can take up to 2 weeks to fulfil a standard order. 
  • If you have a custom order, this will take longer, so please, if it is for a bachelorette/ birthday party, please plan accordingly with a month's notice.

Can I pick my “Surprise me three-pack”?

No, it‘s a surprise…

How much is shipping?

We have a flat rate of 5$ for anywhere in the continental US.

Do you sell in stores?

Yes, we are featured in Viva Fall River at 333 South Main Street, Fall River, MA.

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